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Car Hire Service in Worcester, MA

Star Car Rental provides a car hire service in Worcester, MA. Our company has a fun and easy-going atmosphere that customers love. We enjoy helping everyone get rentals from insurance replacement cars and road test rentals to rent for drivers under the age of 21. Our cars are available to customers in many neighboring cities, including Mendon, Millis, and Upton.

The Best Prices for the Best Car Rentals

You can count on us for the most affordable car rentals in Worcester, MA. Our vast selection of vehicles is fine-tuned and equipped for any adventure you may have in store. Every car in our lot is ready to hit the road, with different features to suit your needs. Regardless of the year and make of a vehicle, we offer the best prices to our customers.

If you’re a driving instructor or a student about to take a road test, we offer road test rentals. We guarantee that our fully functional vehicles are optimal, so there are no hiccups along the way. You’ll get a good, steady feel for the car of your choice, which will alleviate any stress caused by your road test. Take it for a spin afterward, and bring it back the next day as you practice your skills behind the wheel.

Our affordable cars are always customer favorites when they require a quick replacement with their insurance. We want you to continue being able to get where you need to go and travel in comfort. Using a rental car can also be an excellent way to determine what model and year work best for you if it turns out your previous car is a write-off. Contact us today to find out more about our car rental deals. We’ll be happy to help you.

Company Founders

After working for a large national rental company for many years, we noticed there was no alternative to renting a new, very expensive car in the Massachusetts area. This gave us the idea to start the business in 2007, offering less expensive cars that were in great mechanical shape. While not trying to compete with the big rental companies, we wanted people to have a choice in whether they rented new or used, but smart, alternative vehicles.

Friendly Service

We learned a tremendous amount about the car rental industry while working for another company. This, coupled with over 30 years of experience in the industry, has made us want to focus on providing better value for your money. When you rent a car from us, we try to exceed your expectations for service, quality, and value. Long-term customer loyalty is garnered by being honest, fair, and going the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied. When you choose us, you'll get the personal and friendly attention of a local independent business.

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles include four-door sedans, cars, trucks, Jeeps, and minivans. All vehicles are kept very clean and mechanically sound.

Business Hours

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Outside of business hours, rentals are possible by appointment. Please call to arrange a convenient time.

We offer a pickup service.