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Save Money with Cheap Car Rentals in Worcester, MA

Travel can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. When you need to take a short journey or require a vehicle for a few days, then an economical solution is available from the team at Star Car Rental. We provide safe and dependable cheap car rentals in Worcester, MA.

Just because we offer affordable car rentals doesn’t mean that they are not roadworthy. All of our vehicles are safe, reliable, and well-maintained. The main difference between our cars, trucks, and SUVs and those at the more prominent companies is that they are not as new as the expensive models you can rent at the higher-priced companies. Our business model means we can pass along the savings to you.

Our cheap rentals are also attractive to younger drivers who may temporarily need a vehicle but are not welcomed at larger agencies. We do this by renting to drivers under 21 with preapproval and a small surcharge.

We are a car rental company with very affordable rates and accessible vehicles, and our services are very convenient. We welcome reservations during business hours, and outside of those hours, we help our customers by offering rentals by appointment at a time that works well for you. In addition, we have a pick-up service so that you don’t have to struggle to get to our location.